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SuMmEr???? )HOT( Fashion 4 u to feel KWEL… ;)

Fashion trends today keep changing every season. And so you are here to read this article. Well probably this article is not to discuss the latest from Armani or Gabbana. The trends keep changing anyway. But there are few trends that haven’t changed for quite some time and yet they are the latest. Have you ever considered them?

There are trends that have been set and we still follow them. Every one does that too – even the wildest of the designers. Have your ever seen a designer use only one shoe for his/her model, or probably half a necklace? Or why don’t you ask them to give only one sock while you wear two shoes? These trends have been set and it will take ages to get out of this mind set too.

There have been the things that stay and stay. We generally use/sport them, but kind of ignore them.