Internet News! Gmail Goofs up! Facebook with new feature…

Mad Day!

am sure at midnights, when you see a broken star! that day counts to be unusual day of your life…

Same way! internet had an unusual scene today!…

Gmail going down for a while, like real while and every thing goofed by that time… I saw a post that when you search Gmail in google, it brings up a link which has an EMAIL in it…  I couldn’t believe it as it’s one of the most secured service provides from internet world and goofing up with such mistake is not expected by Gmail.

but this is what I saw, when I myself search “Gmail” on

Gmail Down, goofed up with security


the email that you see in the image is a WORKING email of god know’s who from this website.

the best part was! (worst actually) that each refresh I did on google with Gmail as a keyword, it poped up a random email…(I was thinking if i could see my email there) 







From gizmodo’s blog post :

After connecting the dots, TechCrunch found out it belongs to one David S. Peck: the internet’s most popular inbox owner. He’s confirmed that he is indeed receiving thousands of emails, the majority of which are blank. According to TechCrunch:


I am sure this guy in my screenshot must have received the same…


But! let’s talk about the new buzz in Facebook!.

Facebook recently came with this new feature to which Facebook thinks that it’s the newest feature in the internet world!.. but actually they are walking way behind with this feature…

the feature is “trending” which originally is from Twitter! to which, facebook announced it’s release a week ago!

Trending feature in facebook

new feature in


This was actually announced in sept 2013 and since then was thinking of why are they taking so much of time to come up with this feature!

as the matter of fact, they had this HASHTAG feature out already! but was not at all in use as people who were talking in that TAG were just talking in that TAG and no one else was aware of the conversations going in there if they never knew it’s trending!


but now am sure! this TRENDING feature of facebook would at-least pull people to facebook to see what’s trending!…

yet! the filter option is not there! where you can filter the trends from specific area.. lot’s of updates on the way Facebook!…

I am once in a while writer! let’s see what’s next to post!..









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