Ways to get EXCITEMENT at WORK!

Before we get in to the ways of being EXCITED about our work or at work, let’s get in to a real case study from
childhood… YOUR CHILDHOOD.

I am sure you loved going school daily, no matter if you were a topper, a failure, a looser, a dumb/bimbo
or wat ever. But you LOVED GOING DAILY….

I remember my school days when i use to LOVE meeting my friends at school rather than getting excited
about my studies….

I was a failure and am sure MAXIMUM of my school friends would agree to it… (few won’t as they were
failures too :D)

however, the excitement of meeting friends did help me to stick to school and classes on daily basis.

So, let’s go to top 6 Reasons on why I loved going school DAILY???

  1. Get NOTICED :- Yes! I ain’t good looking, not that handsome, am DARK and ROWDY…. but I got noticed in school by many students and the reason behind that was my daily activities which helped me become a center of attraction. I was too notorious but good in co curriculum activities held in school. So the bottom line is, I was a performer.
  2. Co-Curriculum Activities :- One thing is so sure that pulled me to wake up early in mornings was the Co-Curriculum Activities held at school. It gave me excitement to perform, to become a part of team and give my best to get noticed.
  3. Students and Friends :- It’s quite important that you have mature and flexible nature team members so who can meet your chemistry. More important is, YOU HAVE TO MEET their requirements, their nature and their maturity to be one of them. Trust me this gives you 2 things; 1> you come to meet different personality people, 2> when you accept their nature and their personality; it makes you their close and most wanted friend.
  4. Teacher’s Threat:- I know, I know; students usually run away from those threats to be in their comfort zone; but trust me, facing them is altogether a different feeling and experience and also makes you scheduled and disciplined enough to be on time and on task and thus, it makes you get the end results.
  5. Stupid Games and Gigs :- I am damn sure you guys must have played pen fight, truth and dare, antakshari and lot many games in your class room, well even that was a spark to attract you towards being with your friends in school….
  6. Exams and Tests :- it was obvious, if you don’t attend your exams or tests, you fail in subjects, or fail in your final exams etc….. this gave you a fear of being out of your group if you fail in class or it gave you a fear of being 3rd or 5th or being a social outcast :D. Important is, you had a fear of failure which helped you upgrade your self … get end results.

Now remember one main thing out of all above, it was an indirect force which pulled me to school on daily.. Helped me gain knowledge.. helped me study in an environment. And of-course, upgraded me a lot…..

Okay!!! So, let’s get back to work….

Now, learning from your school, below are the things you can do to make your self excited @ work….. (trust me this will help you)

  1. Get NOTICED :- Let me tell you something, when people start talking about your performance is the time when you start getting NOTICED…  all you need to do is, be on your task, be on your toes, be the best to achieve it,,, and then; you are the HERO!! this keeps you excited about your work and your workstation…
  2. Company Activities :- usually companies do have some activities to get involved in, some of them don’t BUT…. it’s never to late; if their is no initiative for any happening activities at your company then you can always take a stance to initiate something that is happening and which can help you and others to be excited about the workstation….. 
  3. Team mates and Friends :- to jell up with your colleagues around is most important as because, if you are not casual and easy with your team members and your friends at work; you feel lonely which makes you a boar and an out caste member of a team…. Give you self a Go to understand people around, learn from them and be comfortable with them…. this will help you to learn and unlearn things, would give you a homely environment at workstation and would help you gain more relations around…. 
  4. Be Creative :- Once you have read above, do one thing, make a note in your mind that you have to do something new TODAY and make sure you LOVE IT…. no matter what is it,,,, but it has to be at your work station… for example, a note, a drawing, a song, a painting, something crazy or whatever… but get something NEW…this will help you brain storm a bit and would help your sleepy brains to do something new…
  5. Stupid Games and Gigs :- Never feel old, get on your desk, play pen fight, truth and dare, antakshari, dumb charades or wat ever makes you feel happy….. make sure you don’t hamper your work and play em all in your break timings… but… gaming daily is enjoying daily… 🙂 
  6. Exams and Tests :- It actually sounds boring when you have to test your self for all your capabilities and skills and etc… remember, Examination and test has no age to pass… even big bolly heroes do that,,, they watch their hit films and flop films to analyse what went wrong and what was so right about their movies… trust me if you analyse yourself, you are helping yourself to upgrade, to carry more skills, to be with time and trend….. 

So! guys…. these are my funds…. hope it helps you to gain excitement at your workstation….

Be Excited,,, Be Creative,,, Be Working….

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