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Midnight Storm – Progressive House Beats

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Live progressive set – KASH TRIVEDI (aka Dj Kash)

Featuring Dj PIYUSH- Dj AEPI

February 26th, Saturday – 9:00 pm onwards.

Till the SUNRISE



$ Underground House Muzik

$ Finest Booze

$ Live-Barbeques

$ bourne fire

$ Limited VIP-Couches

$ Hookahs

A Desired one – DONT MISS IT !!


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It is time again to make your collection of clothes more stylish. This 2009 will be all about rich colors and fabrics. The look will be more refined and formal. The sensuous and flowing romantic silky shirts, as well as all the velvets and brocades, along with the deep, violets and dark blacks are all flavors of the season.

If you have pasty skin, you are in luck because it is the in look to show off this season. The trendy colors of the season tend to remind one of a hot dog with a biting flavor – red, yellow, green, white, and of course brown.

The brocades, velvets and all that heavy stuff are must haves this season. Ignore the fact that they look a lot like your drapes and curtains. They can also be embellished with a glint of metallic. Remember Nelson, Captain Cook and the great Admiral Nimitz? Suddenly the admiralty seems parked in the fashion port. Hold your engines and plonk down the shekels for a really good navy blue jacket with a Neru collar and a just a little embellishments like faux medals with them.

A terrific fashion tip is to go mix and match. Just take the high-end expensive silks, brocades, cashmeres, and mix them up with the durable, cheaper canvas and wool fabrics. Stay away from the outcast polyesters. Though the season is dominated by fur, it is a good idea to go in for faux fur and avoid being picketed by the PETA.

Turn to Hollywood for inspiration from the glamour divas of yore. Pick up the nifty ones among dinner or evening coats in a good store. Be warned you could spark a riot with a terrific outfit. One for the ladies is a pair of those dreamy, flowing men’s wear pants, preferably in black, for a slim and elongated look.

Once in a while go for a Boho glamour look on those days when you feel sick of being a fashion follower. Surprise must have for this season is a pair of house dresses, really as there will be quite a few high end house dresses swirling about in the high society parties and awards nights

The following are a few must-haves you have to get your hands on if you want to be the trendsetter of 2006.

  • Argyle sweaters
  • Sweater vests and Cardigans
  • Skinny ties even worn with cardigans and sweater vests
  • Shirts made in Western-style
  • Paisley ties and shirts
  • Any kind of button-downs like plaids, sunbursts, floral and any random designs more like modern art
  • Jeans that are gray
  • Chinos that are black
  • Suits that are gray
  • The in Colors are red, black, purple, gray, and navy

Jeans for Men

Blue jeans is the in thing always, and it is going to remain IN for generations to come. This is more so with men, even if women one day believe that jeans is not for them.

A recent survey tells us that each American has atleast 7 pairs of jeans, with almost 4 of them in different shades of blue. While jeans adds to the rough look that guys try to show, it also adds more robustness to their bodies. How many times haven’t you seen a guy in their garden or opening a door, just clad in jeans.

Surprisingly, it is guys who are more interested in the branded jeans. They tend to rate people with the kind of jeans they wear. Though such interpretations may be wrong, it could turn out to be true. Jeans that are more butt hugging always turn out as great jeans for men. And because they are most of the times comfortable with jeans that they are in, they turn out to be the interpreters.

Fashions Statements

Fashion is not something that just exists in the modern world. The first evidences of fashion have been found even in the early sixteenth century. Fashions haven’t been used just to look good or garner attention; it has also been used for various good causes. Some fashions are a silent protest; others are a rebel, while still some others are merely pointing out to something that has been grossly overlooked.

Though no fashions are permanent, some trends have always been the benchmarks of any fashions. Some colors, patterns, etc have and always will be present in the clothes section.