Jeans for Men

Blue jeans is the in thing always, and it is going to remain IN for generations to come. This is more so with men, even if women one day believe that jeans is not for them.

A recent survey tells us that each American has atleast 7 pairs of jeans, with almost 4 of them in different shades of blue. While jeans adds to the rough look that guys try to show, it also adds more robustness to their bodies. How many times haven’t you seen a guy in their garden or opening a door, just clad in jeans.

Surprisingly, it is guys who are more interested in the branded jeans. They tend to rate people with the kind of jeans they wear. Though such interpretations may be wrong, it could turn out to be true. Jeans that are more butt hugging always turn out as great jeans for men. And because they are most of the times comfortable with jeans that they are in, they turn out to be the interpreters.

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